This photographic monograph is about energy – whether oil in the Sahara, natural gas in Central Asia or wind turbines on Scotland’s Isle of Eigg. This book examines the energy industry, delving into its many faces – the modern and the archaic, the industrial and the local, the renewable and the carbon-based. As the pictures illustrate, the energy situation is changing. The era of cheap and readily available energy from fossil fuels is nearing its end.
While easily extractable oil is finite and running low, coal and gas stocks are greater.Renewable energy sources are potentially unlimited and remain largely untapped. What’s more, of course, they are clean. They offer us a plethora of choices; from tidal to wind turbines, and from geothermal to solar, there are many readily available energy sources which will never run out, and which can be harvested at minimal cost to our environment. A forward thinking approach would see us investing in these sources to the point at which renewable energy becomes the cheapest form of energy available.

Designed and published by Black Sun.